Goodyear vector 4 seasons opiniones

Goodyear vector 4 seasons opiniones

goodyear vector 4seasons

Goodyear specialists recall that the new Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is equipped with Snow Grip technology, Dry Handling technology and Aqua Control technology, «so it was no surprise for Goodyear to see it in the top positions in dry, wet and snow driving tests and in subjective driving, snow braking, snow traction and wet braking tests. The tire also performed well in the quietness test and took first place in the rolling resistance tests.»

Commenting on its performance, Benson stated, «The tire’s performance shows how much work Goodyear’s engineers have put into improving the already brilliant Vector 4Seasons Gen-2. Well done Goodyear, you should be very proud of this tire, it is excellent in virtually every category.»

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I changed the Primacy 3 (by the way, if anyone is interested, I have a new tire and 3 in very good condition) for the Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen-2. I was going with the idea of cross climate and I told the VULCO guy about the Goodyear’s and he told me to do whatever I wanted, that there is not, in sales, a big difference between one and the other. He didn’t want to recommend any of them, that I should choose and that I would be right with either of them, although I think I sensed that he was more inclined to choose the Goodyear.

Sometimes with the cruise control on and overtaking if I see that it takes a while, either because of the small speed difference or because the overtaker accelerates, I give the accelerator a squeeze, it goes like a shot and I do not notice any deficiency in the grip. I notice satisfaction with the way the car goes.

I also do not want to forget a great tire as the nokian weatherproof SUV, which perhaps can be considered as the 3rd best all season tire, and for the record that this is relative positions, as they are very even, although this nokian I think it is much better for snow and winter conditions, without being a pure winter tire, although its qualities in summer are significantly worse, without being bad. Hence, if you live in areas where snow and low temperatures are very common, this is the best all-season tire in winter conditions. Buy Nokian Weatherproof SUV 215/60 R17 100H tires at low prices –

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Driving with the best tires in all possible conditions is, from now on, totally possible: welcome Goodyear’s new proposal so that nothing can ruin your trip.

Are you worried about going out with your car and not knowing if the weather conditions will end up ruining your getaway? We have great news for you: Goodyear’s new product is called Vector 4Season Gen-3 and it was born to become your vehicle’s best ally when facing any road.

In case you still have any doubts about the excellent performance of the new Goodyear Vector 4Season Gen-3, we will leave you with just one piece of information: the specialists of the brand founded in 1892 by Frank Seiberling subject all their products to an intense testing process that includes tests in all circumstances and in which no less than 320,000 kilometers are covered. Yes, you read that right: three hundred and twenty thousand kilometers. That’s the equivalent of driving around the world no less than eight times and that, complemented by 36,000 hours of development in its engineering department and up to 3,800 of laboratory tests, allows the Americans to be convinced that their product can offer the best performance on the market. Looking for versatility? Goodyear gives you the choice.

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El Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 proporciona un mejor agarre para una mejor conducción sobre la nieve. La gran cantidad de laminillas en el centro de la banda de rodadura del neumático proporcionan un mejor agarre en la nieve, mejorando la maniobrabilidad en la nieve en un 5% en comparación con el anterior Vector 4Seasons Gen-2.

El Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 también mantiene el impresionante nivel de resistencia al aquaplaning de su predecesor gracias a la tecnología Aqua Control de Goodyear, que utiliza ranuras profundas y anchas para mejorar la dispersión del agua.

El nuevo Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 se introdujo a partir de abril de 2020, con 65 nuevas referencias que se introducirán progresivamente en 2020 y otras en 2021 y 2022.Este neumático sustituyó al Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2.Comentarios sobre los neumáticos

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