Frases de refleccion de amor

Frases de refleccion de amor

Reflection phrases with images

We often lose our way, we get carried away by those bifurcations of life where we prioritize that which in reality does not offer us happiness. Pressures, worries, work objectives, the need to accumulate more and more material goods… what is the point of it all? Let us value what is worth living for, let us appreciate the privilege of being alive and of loving and being loved.4. We are accomplices, we have fun together

Nothing is as important in an affective relationship as being accomplices of laughter, of good times, of those moments where we enjoy everything, worrying about nothing. Build a bond where to be friends, to be lovers, people who discover each other every day and understand each other while providing life with a passionate and fun melody.5. Love with knowledge

An affective relationship requires action, it requires investing mutual efforts in the same direction, it implies being a team and not a game of forces where only one wins, where one always wins and the other gives in…It is not enough to look into each other’s eyes, loving is conjugated in the present tense and requires that we commit ourselves together looking in the same direction, believing in ourselves as a couple and as a project, trusting, overcoming challenges, overcoming obstacles between two but feeling one at the same time…To conclude, we are sure that these love phrases will have invited us to more than one reflection. Let’s keep them in mind in our daily life, understanding that many of these concepts are not limited only to affective relationships. Friendship and even relationships with our family require many of these drops of wisdom where to build more meaningful and healthy bonds.8. Loving implies acceptance

Wise love phrases to dedicate

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Love phrases

We start our selection of short reflection phrases with some amazing quotes to think and philosophize. If you like to question your surroundings and make sense of your feelings and emotions, these thoughtful quotes about life and love will appeal to you.Let’s start then with some great quotes to think about that you’ll want to remember.

We continue with some short love quotes that will help you to see relationships, passion and complicity from another perspective.Whether you are looking for quotes of reflection for couples or other nice quotes of reflection to dedicate, this selection will please you.

One of the most meaningful and important short love quotes to remember, because even if sometimes we find it hard to say «I’m sorry» or «forgive me», these words are a symbol of maturity. Sometimes apologizing has nothing to do with reason, but with overcoming one’s own ego.Have you been left wanting to read more Wise life phrases to reflect on? If so, don’t miss this other article. And if you want to discover more reflective phrases for couples, take a look at this article of Couples Phrases to Think About.

Reflective quotes

If you are looking for a selection of wise phrases about life and love to reflect, you can not miss the following selection! We bring you more than 150 wise phrases WITH PHOTOS for you to discover the best quotes said by great figures of history. In the following article you will find short wise phrases, wise quotes from philosophers and wise phrases about love and success so you can share with your loved ones and think about your priorities … which one is your favorite?

There are many types of wise phrases that can make you reflect, but some of the most relevant and well known are wise phrases about life that talk about the meaning of life and the key to achieve happiness.below, we show you a selection of some of the best wise phrases of life: beautiful phrases of life, phrases of friendship, phrases of family and famous phrases of life said by philosophers and authors who have made a big difference in how we understand life.

We leave you another selection of short wise phrases for WhatsApp or short wise phrases to reflect with some of the most impactful quotes from great figures in history. Discover wisdom phrases to share and inspire you!

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