Frases de canciones de desamor

Frases de canciones de desamor

titles of heartbreak songs

4. «I dedicated myself to losing you, and I was absent in moments that are gone forever. I dedicated myself to not seeing you, and I locked myself in my world and you couldn’t stop me». One of Alejandro Fernandez’s saddest songs, which has become an anthem for broken hearts. Its name? I dedicated myself to losing you.

6. «And how it hurts that you’re so far away, sleeping here in the same bed; how it hurts so much distance, even though I hear you breathing you’re hundreds of miles away. And it hurts to love you so much, to pretend everything is perfect while it hurts, to spend my life, trying to locate what was long ago lost.» As it hurts, joins our list as one of the saddest songs of Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona.

8. «That the nights have no end, that life without you is not worth me na’, another blow to the heart, you left lying here in this corner.» Te veo venir soledad, one of the most recognized songs by Venezuelan singer-songwriter Franco de Vita.

9. «The waiting exhausted me, I don’t know anything about you, you left so much in me. In flames I lay down, and in a slow degradation, I knew I lost you.» The visceral lyrics of Argentine Gustavo Cerati, who went international with the song Crimen.

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To start with our selection of the best love phrases with photos, we present you some of our favorite short love song phrases.Romantic phrases, love song phrases in English translated, phrases of heartbreak, love phrases of rap songs and even phrases of songs by Beret, one of the most admired singer-songwriters of the moment!

Here are some of our favorite love song phrases: love song phrases in English for those who want to express their feelings in the language of love. Moreover, these are love phrases in English translated so that everyone can be moved by them! English phrases for Tumblr, English phrases for Instagram, romantic English song phrases and even English phrases to tattoo, designed for lovers of ink. Do you dare with any of them?

This song by Lorde not only talks about love, but also about the freedom you feel when you’re fine and you’re among friends. For this reason, this is not only one of the most beautiful phrases of love songs, but an ideal phrase to dedicate to a good friend.If you want to discover more Phrases for Friends and Friends, do not miss this article.

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The rap phrases of disaffection are usually much more acidic than those we can find in other musical genres. In the case of rap, these are direct and often hurtful phrases, which go straight to our ears despite the harshness of the words with which they are pronounced. Here are some of the most famous rap phrases of some of the best known rappers and that, if you like this genre, you probably know or at least you know them from having heard them at least once.

1. I hate to be incapable of loving in every way, here inside I have peace but out there I have to give war, and I adjust to life but life is not fair, who I love doesn’t love me and who loves me doesn’t like me. – Rafael Lechowski

What do you think of this selection of heartbreak rap phrases? Do you think they are accurate in the way they say things? Have you felt identified with any of them? What more heartbreak rap phrases do you know? Tell us what rap means to you and what are your favorite phrases within this theme.

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Love and heartbreak is the feeling that has inspired composers of all times. In most songs we find love phrases, or sad phrases with which we identify ourselves. Who has not cried with a melancholic song after a breakup?

If you are looking for words of love, you may show an intense side of the hand of bitterness for different reasons but especially for love is one of the favorite themes of the composers. Here we leave you the best phrases of sad songs.

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