Jose ramon de la morena novia

Jose ramon de la morena novia

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20:13View 75 commentsThe sports journalist will leave the radio on June 30. He wants to enjoy his family and dedicate himself to his foundation and his real estate businessDe la Morena and his current partner, Laura Vázquez.José Ramón de la Morena’s voice will stop sounding through the radio from next June 30. The journalist has decided not to renew his contract with Onda Cero. «I’m not going to continue doing this radio show. I can’t keep coming home at three in the morning, including Sundays and holidays», he explained in March, when he announced that he was leaving El Transistor to devote himself to his new family, his foundation and his real estate business. The sports journalist’s life circumstances have changed: «I have had a son and I don’t want to repeat past mistakes. I know what it’s like to be in the elite, but it costs more than it’s worth. It takes things away from you that you can’t get back and that you can’t get back,» he said about his farewell. The journalist will talk about his retirement plans tonight on El Hormiguero, where he will be a guest.

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It was a sort of official confirmation. A few months ago, Laura, relaxing her private zeal, posted on her social network her first pregnant picture with the following text: «Full of life and love». A publication that was quickly answered by De la Morena: «How I love you! Vázquez -who before meeting José Ramón was married- is a sportswoman, traveler and adventurer.  She likes to ride a bike, get lost as a runner, and parachute jump whenever the occasion deserves it.

She is a restless soul. She is currently the project director of the José Ramón de la Morena Foundation, a non-profit organization created with the aim of vindicating and promoting all the positive values that sport represents. This newspaper has been able to learn from her entourage that thanks to her work in the foundation Laura develops one of the facets that most fulfills and satisfies her: solidarity.

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José Ramón de la Morena received Javier Gutiérrez and Miki Esparbé this Monday on Onda Cero’s El transistor. Both are the protagonists of Reyes de la noche, the new Movistar+ series that narrates the savage war between two sports journalists with nightly radio programs.

José Ramón de la Morena aired this Wednesday on Onda Cero’s El Transistor the tense telephone conversation he had with Sergio Ramos. The broadcaster claims that the Real Madrid captain was annoyed by an information he had given on the radio station about the negotiations with Florentino Perez for his renewal with the Merengue club.

The day has come. José Ramón de la Morena will say goodbye forever to the radio in the early hours of this Wednesday to Thursday with a special program of El transistor that will be broadcast from the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the home of his Atlético de Madrid.

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Now, as expected, it was the turn of Carrillo’s reply, who did it in the program Ya es mediodía of Telecinco: «I am not really offended by those words. I am sorry. They should offend his wife and daughters, because if my father said those things about a woman, I would feel deeply offended, ashamed and hurt,» she said directly to the cameras.

After this, the speech continued thanking for having «been educated by a very feminist man, who understands that women have the right to do whatever we want with our lives, and who has educated me in freedom and values».

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